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Medlock Commercial Contractors is El Paso's premier general contractor.
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We are a Commercial General Contractor, Bonded and Insured and ready to serve your commercial construction needs. As a combined TEAM we have much to offer as we have experience in executing an array of different types of facilities.
The Facilities we execute include but are not limited to Retail Centers, Warehouse / Industrial Facilities, Schools, Religious Facilities, Parks, Medical and Office Buildings, Traffic Signals and Street Lighting, and Entertainment Venues.

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Whether it be federal, state, or municipal government facilities, we understand that these types of projects face their own unique challenges and concerns. Here at Medlock Commercal Contractors, we have extensive experience with working with all types of government agencies, and understand the accompanying complexities and intricacies of this type of work.


Medlock Commercial Contractors are looked to as a reliable and experienced partner for many El Paso school construction projects. Whether it be K-12 or University and college construction, we work in conjunction with your team from conception to completion to ensure that the process is a smooth as possible. We consider every detail, including setting up realistic budgets and schedules, financing complexities, and doing our best to minimize disruption to classes and overall school operations.

Landscaping/Street Lighting

We have experience in many city landscaping initiatives, including median landscaping, traffic signal upgrades, and street lighting. We will work within your budget to create the most aesthetic, environmentally friendly and practical solution for El Paso’s roadways.

Medical Facilities

Healthcare construction projects often pose many unique challenges, including the need to maintain daily operations, construction proximity to surgical suites, and dust & noise control. We have extensive experience in the construction of healthcare facilities, ranging small renovations to completely new facilities.


Medlock Commercial has extensive construction experience in retail construction and renovations. We strive to provide retail owners with a high quality product build to the project requirements.

Religious Facilities

We have extensive experience in the construction and renovation of religious facilities, including churches, synagogues and other centers of worship. We have had tremendous success in the construction of religious facilities, because of our experience and understanding of the specific issues related to church construction, including lighting systems, A/V, sound absorption and partition walls, etc.


Medlock has served a variety of clients in the power and manufacturing industries. What sets us apart is our attention to detail, and ability to make sure the project is properly integrated with the instrumentation required for successful operations.


Like our retail construction projects, we have experience in a wide array of different office construction projects. We strive to offer owners the highest quality build possible, while setting realistic budgets and schedules.

Parks & Rec

Our team works to provide exception outdoor environments that respond to the diverse needs of recreation providers. Our collaborative approach translates into creative designs tailored to your vision and needs, so that these recreation projects can be brought to life in a timely and efficient manner.